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You arrive at the island as a strange mist falls over the deserted shoreline. As you peer through the gloom, a message from Wizard Greypoo appears magically in in front of you.

As you are about to enter the stronghold, you listen for the vaguely discerned cackle of a deranged old witch. You decide it must be safe to investigate, as it seems her evil presence has yet to defile the inviolable solitude of the castle...


Choose your potion wisely

The game takes place in a Scottish fantasy world, with monsters that are loosely based on ancient Celtic myths and legends.

The main antagonist, ‘Madame Hag’, has taken over the island stronghold and turned all the local bog creatures into her personal vanguard. You, as ‘Wizard Greypoo’s lackey’, have been asked to perform the quest of rescuing his pet dragon ‘Oli’, (The Oillipheist ), from the clutches of The Hag.

Once you are in the castle and have achieved your main quest, you must keep exploring until you are forced to confront the Hag herself, and eventually try to escape.

Thankfully you are not alone, as it turns out that Greypoo's baby dragon has a few skills which can be put to good use.

The Makers

Ed Sludden
Programmer, Artist and creator of Hags Castle. This is the first title that's bolted from the gates of Switchpilot. Ed has worked as a lead 3D Artist in the Games Industry, and was involved in 'Conkers Bad Fur Day', 'Bonsai Barber', 'Makies Doll Factory', 'Adventure Time - Pirates Of The Enchiridion', 'Balloon Chair Death Match' , 'Riftstar Raiders' and several others.

Ed Sludden, Switchpilot Games

Graeme Norgate
Graeme Norgate is a Bafta nominated composer who has worked on video games soundtracks since the late 80s. He wrote the music on games such as Killer Instinct, Blastcorps, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark at Rare, was a founder member of Free Radical Design known for the Timesplitters series and is currently audio director at Dambuster Studios in Nottingham.

Graeme Norgate, Video game Musician

Put a message on my door

‘Hag’s Castle’ started out as a personal project using the Unity Game Engine, in order to help Ed in his professional capacity as a Lead Artist/Art Director. Around mid-2017, the project evolved into a more serious endeavour and in order to see the project to completion, he started working full time in a self-funded capacity.

"I’ve been a strong advocate of Unity’s ambition to democratize game development. Without the Unity community, and the support and tools available, Hag’s Castle could not have been made."

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